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Update: Data Mining in the Cloud is back up

To restore your settings:

- in the browser: keep using http://sqlserverdatamining.com/cloud

- in Excel (add-in): go to the Connections button in the Analyze (in the Cloud) ribbon and type the following URL:

With this change, you Excel add-in will once again use HTTPS to secure the data transmission

Thanks for your patience!

Data Mining in the Cloud is temporarily down

On Saturday, November 15th, the connection to the Table Analysis in the Cloud URL is broken. Until the problem is identified and fixed, here are some workarounds:

- For the web interface, use the http://www.sqlserverdatamining.com/cloud URL

- For the Excel add-in, please change the services connection URL. To do that, click the Connections button in the "Analyze (in the Cloud)" ribbon and change the destination URL to

NOTE: This temporary solution does not support SSL. Your data is transmitted in clear

I’ll post here an update as soon as the servers are up again

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Book’s Blog

The “Data Mining with SQL Server 2008″ book  now has a blog. You can check it out at http://www.SqlDataMiningBook.com

Soon enough, there will be some content there:

- various data mining related postings from Jamie and me — all the product related postings on this blog will be replicated on the book’s blog . With a bit of discipline, all the postings will be tagged with the relevant chapter number

- errata (well, hopefully that won’t be the main topic of the blog :-) )

- any new downloads or other information that may be relevant for the readers

Data Mining with SQL Server 2008 + get your own free autographed copy!



The new version of the SQL Data Mining book is finally available, at least at Amazon. If you are currently SQL DM user, you have an opportunity to get a free autographed copy  by filling out a short survey about the way you use SQL Server Data Mining. For more details about the survey, check Jamie’s blog post.

More details about the book here: Data Mining with SQL Server 2008