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My first day at Predixion Software

As of today I am working as a Principal Architect (tada!) for Predixion Software, a predictive analytics startup in Redmond, WA. So far, it’s pretty close to the Encarta definition of exhilarate

The company aims to bring predictive analytics technology within reach of every information worker. My past professional incarnation taught me that it may be quite a challenge to make statistics and data mining appealing and intuitive. It also taught me that this is exactly what many users actually expect from an advanced analytics solution, so I jumped at this challenge. (By the way, if you find this kind of problems interesting and appealing then check out our job posting at stackoverflow).

The fact that  Jamie MacLennan is the CTO of this company also helped. I worked for quite a few years with Jamie on Microsoft’s SQL Server Data Mining and I am really looking forward to building other cool products.


So – until Predixion has a product I will keep posting about SQL Server Data Mining but also about my trip in the startup world. Meanwhile, if you use SQL Server Data Mining, take this survey  and win a copy of Jamie and Bogdan’s book!

Farewell, Microsoft

Today has been my last day at Microsoft. I spent more than 10 years with the company and loved every bit of these 10 years.  If not for a very promising startup, I would probably be looking forward to spending the next 10 years with Microsoft, in the same BI area that made me write this blog.  My best wishes to the company, the technology and, above all, to the wonderful people that made me love my Microsoft journey!

The next, very-soon-to-show-up-here post will discuss where I am going and what I will be doing there. Talking about future, though, is talking about work, which would spoil this weekend.

This blog will come back to life (although it might move to a different platform). The main topic remains Data Mining and predictive analytics, the core technology remains SQL Server Analysis Services.





PS – The Cloud Table Analysis Tools service completed its prototype mission and has been retired. Thanks a lot to all the users! More in my next post