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Querying Rules and Itemsets (like the Data Mining Viewers do)

I will try to continue the series started by Jamie, presenting the other set of queries issued by the Microsoft Association Rules viewer. Recently, a question on these queries appeared on the MSDN Data Mining Forums and the poster raised a very good point: while the stored procedures were intended as internal calls for the built-in viewers, external applications and viewers may want to employ them.

So, here is how the rest of the Association Rules viewer works.

Once the viewer is loaded, the first call is something like:

CALL System.Microsoft.AnalysisServices.System.DataMining.AssociationRules.GetStatistics(’Customers’)

The single parameter of this stored procedure is the mining model name.  The result is a one-row table containing the following columns:


Sample Value


MAX_PAGE_SIZE 2000 The maximum server supported page size for fetching rule and itemsets. This parameter ensures the the viewer will not make requests which will make the server go out of memory, details later.
MIN_SUPPORT 89 Minimum actual support for rules detected by the model
MAX_SUPPORT 2439 Maximum actual support for rules detected by the model
MIN_ITEMSET_SIZE 0 Minimum itemset size
MAX_ITEMSET_SIZE 3 Maximum itemset size
MIN_RULE_PROBABILITY 0.401529636711281 minimum actual rule probability
MAX_RULE_PROBABILITY 0.993975903614458    maximum actual rule probability
MIN_RULE_LIFT 0.514182044237125 minimum actual rule importance
MAX_RULE_LIFT 2.13833283242171 maximum actual rule importance

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