Farewell, Microsoft

Today has been my last day at Microsoft. I spent more than 10 years with the company and loved every bit of these 10 years.  If not for a very promising startup, I would probably be looking forward to spending the next 10 years with Microsoft, in the same BI area that made me write this blog.  My best wishes to the company, the technology and, above all, to the wonderful people that made me love my Microsoft journey!

The next, very-soon-to-show-up-here post will discuss where I am going and what I will be doing there. Talking about future, though, is talking about work, which would spoil this weekend.

This blog will come back to life (although it might move to a different platform). The main topic remains Data Mining and predictive analytics, the core technology remains SQL Server Analysis Services.





PS – The Cloud Table Analysis Tools service completed its prototype mission and has been retired. Thanks a lot to all the users! More in my next post

3 Responses to “Farewell, Microsoft”

  1. Bogdan,

    Thank you for all that you taught me through your blog about Data Mining. All the best of luck in the new place!


  2. Thanks, Ella! Best of luck to you as well!

  3. Best of luck for your new job :)

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